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International Journal of Government Auditing –
Summer 2017 Edition


Photo:  Kimi Makwetu

The strength of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) has always been a result of its unity and diversity. Leveraging both of these elements allows us to truly succeed in a global profession using local solutions.

In recent years, the Capacity Building Committee (CBC) established a successful footprint within the INTOSAI community by demonstrating a strategic focus, recognizing the role of all key stakeholders and fostering cooperation at all levels. The concept of “global profession, local solutions” has gained support as an INTOSAI-wide approach to develop capacity, reflecting the level of preparedness to support global standards while acknowledging local conditions.

Locally and regionally, our strength stems from our regional organizations and individual member SAIs, as they see to it that our professional standards, capacity development tools and our knowledge sharing mechanisms are tailored to meet regional, individual needs and unique circumstances.


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