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International Journal of Government Auditing – Autumn 2016

Plant growing bigger and bigger every year in a vase


Growing our global capabilities for a more robust, prominent and professional audit community of the future

With the Capacity Building Committe meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, wrapping up a few weeks ago, ideas brought to the forefront during the event inspired me to share how, together we can further advance capacity building, and in doing so, contribute to a more robust, more prominent, more professional International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).

When I joined GAO to support the International Journal of Government Auditing (the Journal), I was excited to be a part of the “voice” of INTOSAI. After having read numerous submissions over the past few months and gaining a better understaning of of INTOSAI and the government auditing community in general, there is an extraordinary amount of ideas, knowledge and experience that can be harnessed, and if shared on a larger scale, can truly affect positive change.

Change can be difficult. Change can be slow. Yet, I have wondered, despite the limitations, are we doing enough? Are we taking the right steps, making the right decisions, performing the right actions to create an organization typified by seamless and continuous knowledge sharing and transfer?

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