SAI Peru Regional Anti-corruption Mega Operation Control Underway

For the first time, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru, Peru’s Supreme Audit Institution (SAI), will carry out Anti-corruption Mega Operation Control (AMOC) in prioritized areas as part of the SAI’s territorial approach in preventing, investigating, detecting and addressing acts of corruption and functional misconduct.

This new anti-corruption strategy, implemented in March 2020, consists of a region-specific massive deployment of auditors, programs and services to examine issues requiring timely intervention and effective response. This territorial approach provides a complete radiography of regional issues and allows SAI Peru to evaluate and initiate actions in public works and services relevant to citizens, contribute to good public resource use, and identify opportunities service improvement. SAI Peru will simultaneously deploy social oversight programs—such as Citizen Monitors and Youth Auditors—to promote citizen participation. SAI Peru officials will return to each region after two months to share findings with citizens.

Corruption and poverty are primary concerns. According to a 2018 Public Prosecutor Office report, “Corruption in Regional and Local Governments,” there have been 117 elected authorities involved in proceedings for regional, provincial and district corruption offenses.

Cajamarca will be the first regional intervention. While Cajamarca possesses the largest gold mine in South America with an annual budget of $1.5 million, it is paradoxically the region bearing the highest poverty levels, high percentage of sanctioned former public officials for functional misconduct, and a large number of citizen complaints filed for alleged public administration irregularities.

The AMOC approach aims to prevent and reduce corruption and functional misconduct; contribute to improving public administration; and make a difference in the lives of citizens who legitimately aspire to access quality public works, goods and services.

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