Swedish Parliament Elects New Auditors General

The Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) elected three new Auditors General (AG) February 15, 2017.

The new AGs, who took office March 15, 2017, are (pictured above from left to right) Mr. Ingvar Mattson, Mr. Stefan Lundgren and Ms. Helena Lindberg.

The AGs are appointed for a single 7-year term to the Swedish National Audit Office (NAO) and are expected to remain in the position until the term’s end.

Together, the AGs decide on how the audit areas shall be divided between them; however, each AG then determines the audits to be carried out, the process to be utilized and what conclusions are to be drawn within the individual AG’s field of responsibility.

The independence of the three Auditors General is protected by the constitution.

The Riksdag also appoints one of the three AGs to hold administrative responsibility for the Swedish NAO’s activities. This position bears the additional responsibilities associated with organizational structure and delegation, proposed application for the annual grant and decisions regarding the Swedish NAO’s Annual Report.

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