Building a Longer-Term Foundation: IDC Transformation

The Cooperation Transforms Support Structure to Focus on Long-Term Strategic Issues

The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI)-Donor Cooperation (Cooperation) kicked off the year with a new support structure and a closer cooperation with the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI).

The INTOSAI Donor Secretariat, which has been supporting the Cooperation for the past nine years, will be integrated into the IDI under a new unit known as “Global Foundations.”

Major IDC initiatives, such as the Global Call for Proposals (GCP) and the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) Capacity Development Database, will now be supported by IDI.*

Integrating the Cooperation’s support and administrative structures into the IDI will allow the Cooperation’s Steering Committee to better focus on long-term strategic issues and pursue opportunities to advocate for good practices between SAIs and the donor community.

To foster opportunities to unite members of the donor and INTOSAI communities, the Cooperation will also be considering new partnerships with various INTOSAI bodies and working groups in hosting its annual meeting. Doing so has the potential to extend the Cooperation’s reach by providing diverse forums for members to share needs and develop plans for improved collaboration and support.

Though some administrative changes are taking place, the Cooperation’s mission and goals remain the same—to advocate for more effective, scaled-up support for SAIs around the world.

The Cooperation looks forward to working more closely with IDI and continuing its role in connecting SAIs and the donor community.

*Both the GCP and SAI Capacity Development Database will continue to work in their current forms throughout 2019.

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