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A New Handbook Highlights Ways External Audits Can Strengthen Budget Credibility

Recognizing the significance of budget credibility and the demand for further research and practical guidance on this critical topic, over the last two years Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) have collaborated with the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government of the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (DPIDG/UNDESA) and the International Budget Partnership (IBP) to develop a handbook for auditors on how their work can contribute to improving budget credibility. The output of this far-reaching effort has been published recently in Strengthening Budget Credibility Through External Audits: A Handbook for Auditors. 

Argentina Assumes the Vice-Presidency of the INTOSAI Working Group on Public Debt
November 15, 2023
Data Science as a Catalyst for Audit Transformation

In the context of information society, digital transformation has led to an exponential growth in the production and storage of data, giving birth to what is known as data science, to address the need for new tools capable of smartly processing great volumes of data and transforming them into actionable information for decision-making in multiple environments.

Enhancing Accountability through Audits: Lessons from Collaborations Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Civil Society Organizations

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) initiated the Audit Accountability Initiative to bring together supreme audit institutions (SAIs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) to strengthen government responsiveness to audit recommendations through more effective communication and engagement.

OLACEFS CTIC Helps SAIs Strengthen Impact through Technology

In 2021, the Commission for Information and Communication Technologies (CTIC) of the Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) undertook numerous efforts to help the region’s SAIs enhance the impact of their work through communication technologies. CTIC is…

Information Technology: Producing More Effective Audits and Reports

Information Technology (IT) audits are often complex, and audit outcomes tend to result in technical reports written in technical language. As noted in International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAI) 5300, very few people find such lengthy and complicated documents appealing or understandable. The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Argentina has…