New IJGA President Outlines Vision for the Journal

Source: M. Hix

Fifty years ago, INTOSAI published the first edition of the International Journal of Government Auditing (IJGA) at the 1971 Montreal Congress of INTOSAI (INCOSAI). Shortly thereafter, the INTOSAI Governing Board approved establishing a quarterly publication to facilitate knowledge sharing across our community.

In 1974, the United States General Accounting Office (now the Government Accountability Office) took over from the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Canada as IJGA Chair and has remained in this role since that time. Mr. Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States, has served as Journal Chair since 2008 and has led continuous improvement and modernization of the Journal during his tenure.

Working collaboratively with its board of editors, associate editors, the Governing Board, and the broader INTOSAI community, the Journal’s leadership has modernized its operations, enhanced its presence online, and increased coverage of key INTOSAI meetings and issues affecting the public sector auditing community.

Much of this progress stems from the vision and leadership of the Journal’s most recent President, Mr. James-Christian Blockwood, who led the transformation of its digital presence with a focus on interactive content, increased use of visuals, and real-time reporting. Mr. Blockwood also enhanced the Journal’s engagement with INTOSAI’s key committees and regional bodies to ensure that its coverage reflected the diverse experiences of all INTOSAI members. I would like to thank Mr. Blockwood for the outstanding example he set as President of the Journal, and wish him success in his new role as Executive Vice President of the Partnership for Public Service.

Ms. Heather Santos deserves special recognition and credit for her role and extraordinary contributions as IJGA Editor for five years. Ms. Santos worked tirelessly to produce the Journal’s quarterly editions, cover INTOSAI events across all INTOSAI regions, and manage its digital presence. Earlier this year, Ms. Santos transitioned to a new role managing Public Affairs within our Office of Strategic Planning and External Liaison. She has also assisted our Interim Editor, Ms. Laurel Voloder, as she seamlessly and effectively took over editorial responsibilities.

I am also grateful for the stewardship and guidance of the IJGA Board; Mr. Bill Anderson, GAO’s Controller; and Mr. Chuck Young, GAO’s Managing Director of Public Affairs. I am likewise grateful for the contributions of Mr. Michael Huskey, the Journal’s Secretary, and other GAO staff who contribute to IJGA, including Ms. Kristie Conserve, Mr. Juan Garay, Ms. Marlina Moses, Ms. Lisa Motley, Mr. Peter Knopes, and Mr. Stephen Sanford.

Within this context, it is a great honor to assume the role of IJGA President. As GAO’s Director of International Relations and IJGA Vice President, I have tried to build and maintain relationships across INTOSAI, find common ground, achieve progress toward the INTOSAI Strategic Plan, enhance communication, and share experiences and knowledge from across our diverse community.

As we look toward the future, my vision for the Journal is threefold. First, I plan to continue the Journal’s modernization through increased real-time reporting on our website and social media, with an emphasis on continuous production of interactive and thematic content. Second, I plan to engage broadly across INTOSAI to ensure that IJGA content helps auditors do their jobs. Third and finally, I plan to work with our board to ensure appropriate stewardship of the Journal’s resources, with an emphasis on transparency and accountability, while also ensuring the maximum return on investment of resources.

I look forward to working with all INTOSAI members in my role as IJGA President, and would like to wish all of you, your colleagues, and your loved ones all the very best.

Michael Hix
Director of International Relations, GAO, and President of the International Journal of Government Auditing

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