Mutual Experience Benefits Nordic Supreme Audit Institutions

Delegates from the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden participated in a two-day seminar held in Oslo.

The seminar covered two main themes:

  • How to ensure performance audit reports cover current and relevant issues and make sure reports are easily available to target groups, as well as the general public; and
  • How social trends influence SAI plans and activities.

The event incorporated several topics currently affecting Nordic SAIs, including the selection of performance audit themes based on environmental scanning and ongoing audits versus using a broader analysis of changes in society; and improving quantitative analysis in performance audits.

Participants also learned, through the exchange of experience and best practices, how the SAI of Finland is actively using Twitter and blogging to disseminate information and create interest in audits; how the Swedish SAI is routinely using external experts in performance audit quality assurance; and how an advisory board provides strategic input to SAI Denmark’s leadership.

The seminar, inspiring and productive, was deemed useful to further develop performance auditing in the Nordic SAIs, and attendees shared a desire to hold similar events every two years.

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