General Secretariat Hosts Chairman, SDG Coordination Meeting

The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) Secretary General, Dr. Margit Kraker, and INTOSAI Chair, Alexei Kudrin, continued close dialogue on the future of INTOSAI. Discussions during the February meeting highlighted strategic audit importance; Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) roles in auditing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) implementation; enhanced exchange on data and digitalization; and the creation of an online INTOSAI university.

In its capacity as the INTOSAI SDG coordination and information platform, the General Secretariat organized an SDG coordination meeting on February 13, 2020. The meeting included representatives from global INTOSAI bodies involved in the SDG implementation process—INTOSAI General Secretariat, INTOSAI Chairman, Goal Committee Chairs, INTOSAI Development Initiative, Task Force on Strategic Planning, Working Group on SDGs and Key Sustainable Indicators, Working Group on Environmental Auditing, and the Performance Audit Subcommittee. The meeting focused on exchanging past and current activities, brainstorming on central questions arising from experiences; and discussing the most important future challenges in the SDG implementation process. Participants developed an action plan to guide INTOSAI through 2022.

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