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Digital By Default: A Concept of Creating Digital Culture in the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges, one of which is the imposition of physical activity restrictions to curb the spread of the virus (Abouk & Heydari, 2021). These restrictions have significantly altered the way the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK), carries out its auditing processes. In response to these restrictions, organizations and institutions have been forced to adapt and find innovative ways to continue their operations efficiently.

Auditor-General’s Office of Papua New Guinea Enhances Audit Management

Papua New Guinea is by far the largest of the developing island nations in the PASAI network. Its infrastructure is deficient, with inconsistent internet and power supply nationwide. Efforts are underway to construct a highway network that will connect the mountainous country, but once completed, maintenance may prove problematic due to landslides, tropical weather and seismic activity. 

Supreme Audit Institutions and Applying the Value Creation Concept for Taxpayers in a Digital Era

In the digital era, the one of the main challenges of public sector auditing is responding to digital disruption. Hence, several Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) have attempted to move from a traditional to a modern approach, which is steered by digital technology.

Mongolian National Audit Office Launches a New E-learning System

In 2021, the Mongolian National Audit Office (MNAO) carried out major reforms to digitally transform its Electronic and Integrated Audit Management System. The MNAO developed a new web-portal, which provides virtual training, or e-learning accessibility for auditors.