Slovenia and Malta Supreme Audit Institutions Sign Employee Exchange Agreement

Slovenia and Malta Supreme Audit Institutions Sign Employee Exchange Agreement

The Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) of Slovenia and Malta share a common mission and similar objectives. Because of this, Tomaž Vesel, President, SAI Slovenia, and Charles Deguara, Auditor General, SAI Malta, signed an employee exchange agreement earlier this year designed to impart experience and best practices between the two SAIs.

Two auditors, Michelle Borg Brincat, a principal auditor with SAI Malta, and Simona Bevk, Deputy Supreme State Auditor from SAI Slovenia, participated in this exchange program, resulting in strengthened SAI relationships and knowledge.

“My work placement with SAI Slovenia was a golden learning opportunity, as I was exposed to a different working environment with new methodologies and practices while working alongside employees with various levels of experience,” explained Brincat.

Brincat, who made particular reference to SAI Slovenia’s establishment of a legal and technical unit that scrutinizes all reports to ensure publication harmony, also noted the SAI’s proactive public engagement through its website, where audit announcements and public commentary greatly enhance transparency and interaction.

Bevk worked in SAI Malta’s Performance Audit section during her exchange experience. She learned how the team performed issue analysis in a concrete performance audit and developed audit questions across all levels, citing the audit team’s systematic audit overview implementation as impressive.

“I realized that both countries’ audit teams face similar concerns and issues. The operational differences are minor, relating particularly in audit method choice and mandates,” Bevk remarked.
She said the experience confirmed her belief that each audit represents a complex story, one that poses a great challenge as a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t necessarily work.

“The exchange of auditors between institutions is certainly one of the best ways to share knowledge and experiences to provide high-quality audits,” Bevk concluded.

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