OLACEFS Participates in 2019 CAII


Numerous delegates representing OLACEFS contributed to the 2019 Annual International Conference for Integrity (CAII), an event hosted by SAI Peru.

In his opening address, Nelson Shack Yalta, OLACEFS President and SAI Peru’s Comptroller General, stressed the most harmful effect of corruption and functional misconduct is the citizen mistrust toward authorities, an aspect that negatively impacts national stability and economic growth.

This year’s CAII focused on the “Detection of Corruption: Mechanisms and Strategies for Action” and included keynote sessions, panels and forums that highlighted big data analytics, open data, science and technology, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and transnational collaboration.

With more than 2,000 participants, CAII 2019 included specialized experts in using information technology to detect and fight corruption, as well as Auditors General and representatives from SAIs worldwide.

OLACEFS members participated on several panels where they shared findings and experiences in using technological tools to optimize government auditing, including Dr. Carlos Córdoba Larrarte, CG, SAI Colombia, on “Interoperability Systems, Predictive Analytics and Intelligence Systems to Detect Risks of Corruption”; Dr. Valentina Zárate Montalvo, SAI Ecuador’s Secretary General, on the panel dedicated to “Transnational Collaboration: Transparency to Strengthen the Detection of Capital Flows from Corruption”; and Dr. Camilo Benítez Aldana, CG, SAI Paraguay, on “Anti-bribery Laws: Lessons in Application in Latin America.”

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