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Engaging with Civil Society Enables High Quality Audits in Critical Times: Perspectives from the U.S. GAO

In recent years, Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) have increasingly seen the value in engaging with civil society as a way to enhance government accountability and the quality of their audits. While we regularly engage with civil society during the normal course of our work, at no time has this been more important than during global emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we all have experienced for going on three years.

Civil Society Participation in Audit – the Australian National Audit Office Office’s Approach to Citizen Engagement in Performance Audits

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) uses several approaches to engage with citizens and CSOs during the course of a performance audit, particularly during the fieldwork phase.

Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea (BAI) Audit Request System and its Implications for Public Participation

By operating the Audit Request System, BAI also strives to satisfy the need of citizens by rapidly resolving matters that disrupt the lives of the public.

Enhancing Accountability through Audits: Lessons from Collaborations Between Supreme Audit Institutions and Civil Society Organizations

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) initiated the Audit Accountability Initiative to bring together supreme audit institutions (SAIs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) to strengthen government responsiveness to audit recommendations through more effective communication and engagement.

SAI Nepal Perspectives on Civil Society Participation in Performance Audits

The Office of the Auditor General of Nepal (OAGN) approved the Citizen Participation Audit (CPA) procedure in 2016. This procedure incorporates civil society partners into the audit process to provide primary sources of data or sector specific information and expertise.

Mechanisms to Enhance Community Involvement in Public Sector Audits: Evidence from SAI of Indonesia

BPK enhances the role of the community in public sector audits through three public information services, implemented by the PPID.

CSO Engagement a New Opportunity for Many Pacific Island SAIs: PASAI Stakeholder Engagement

Pacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions (PASAI), delivered a workshop called Effective Stakeholder Engagement attended by staff from 10 Pacific Island public audit offices.

SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina’s First Communication Strategy Targets Improved Civil Society Engagement

The Audit Office of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina) developed its first communication strategy for a four-year period (2022-2025). The communication strategy aims to increase the impact of SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina, and enables delivery of proper value and benefits for the society through enhanced stakeholder engagement.

Citizen Participation in Corruption Eradication From An Audit Perspective

Through the proper mechanisms and implementation of integrity, transparency and accountability principles, the Corruption Eradication Commission of Indonesia, along with other oversight institutions, contribute to eradicating corruption in the public sector.

INTOSAI Regional Coordination Platform (IRCP) Back Together After Pandemic

In the first week of June in 2022, this INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform (IRCP) gathered in a hybrid format to discuss INTOSAI’s response to capacity development challenges and opportunities faced by SAIs.

Addressing the Lack of Access, Infrastructure, and Teacher Trainings for Distance Learning in General Education after COVID-19: Recommendations from SAI Georgia

The State Audit Office of Georgia (SAOG) recognized a need for the performance audit of distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, and developed related audit findings and recommendations to overcome challenges.

OLACEFS Continues to Make Progress in the Area of Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination

Over the years, the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) has developed new spaces and advances in terms of Gender Equality.

AFROSAI-E Engages Member Countries and Key Stakeholders at the 2022 Strategic Review & 18th Governing Board Meeting

Over 110 delegates from AFROSAI-E’s 26 member countries, partner institutions, and key stakeholders attended its 2022 Strategic Review and 18th Governing Board meeting.

Chairmanship of CAROSAI passed to the Court of Audit Aruba during the XII CAROSAI Congress

During the week of May 15th to May 19th, 2022, the XII CAROSAI Congress was organized in Aruba by the Court of Audit Aruba. The theme for the XII CAROSAI Congress, “Targeting Superior Audit Impact”, promotes accountability, transparency, and inclusiveness.

OLACEFS Capacity Building Committee Launches the 2022-2024 OLACEFS Training Plan

The Capacity Building Committee (CCC) of the Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) launched the 2022-2024 OLACEFS Training Plan, which contemplates the offer of capacity building initiatives for the three-year period. 

Task Force Incorporates Stakeholder Feedback to Draft Strategic Plan

The INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning continues to make significant progress in developing the INTOSAI Strategic Plan for 2023-2028.

IDI Signs Memorandum of Understanding with UN Women as a Key Partner for the Equal Futures Audit Initiative

On July 17, 2022, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with UN Women to become stakeholders on IDI’s Equal Futures Audit Initiative.

INTOSAI – UN High Level Political Forum Side Event Highlights SAI Contributions to the 2030 Agenda

Multiple INTOSAI entities jointly organized a discussion panel in New York City to spotlight Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) contributions to the United Nations’ (UN) 2030 Agenda and efforts to address UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The AFROSAI Governing Board’s Extraordinary Meeting and the 15th AFROSAI General Assembly Part 2: SAI Egypt’s Summary and Participation

SAI Egypt participated in the AFROSAI Governing Board’s Extraordinary Meeting, as well as the 15th AFROSAI General Assembly Part 2.

The Algerian Court of Accounts (COA) Implements Cooperation Programs and Engages the INTOSAI Community in High-Level Regional and International Events

The Algerian Court of Accounts (COA) has recently concluded and implemented a number of cooperation programs, further demonstrating the COA commitment to effective partnerships.

Jana Ahčin appointed the President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia

On 1 July 2022, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, by secret ballot voting, decided on the proposal of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, to appoint Jana Ahčin as the new President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia.

SAI Thailand Champions the FAIR Concept to Respond to COVID-19 Operations Challenges

SAI Thailand utilizes the FAIR concept (flexibility, agility, information technology, and resilience) to confront the post-pandemic environment for public sector auditing.