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Leveraging AI in Performance Auditing: A Feasibility Study for the State Audit Office of Thailand

The State Audit Office (SAO) of Thailand has embarked on a journey of digital transformation. The objective is to leverage AI to enhance audit performance and foster a data-driven culture within the organization. This initiative is in line with their audit policy, which emphasizes the importance of using advanced technologies in audit processes. This article focuses on the feasibility of incorporating the advanced language model, as generative AI like ChatGPT, in SAO’s performance audit.

News in Brief
News in Brief
The Uzbekistan Chamber Accounts Launches a “State Audit” E-Platform
October 27, 2022
Board of Audit of Japan Issues FY 2020 Audit Report

Mr. Yuji Morita, President of the Board of Audit of Japan (the Board), submitted the annual Audit Report Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on November 5, 2021. The Cabinet then presented the report to the Diet (Japan’s bicameral legislature), along with the final accounts of state expenditures and revenues. The report contains…

SAI Azerbaijan Joins ASOSAI Audit Committee

At the 15th Assembly of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI), held on September 7, 2021, the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan was elected, together with SAI Kazakhstan, as a new member of ASOSAI’s Audit Committee for 2021-2024. This was the first time SAI Azerbaijan was nominated for this role.