INTOSAI SCEI Expert Group on COVID-19 Publishes Survey, Launches Web Presence

In view of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the INTOSAI SCEI Expert Group on the Strategic Role of SAIs in Addressing Challenges Posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic is performing a survey on Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) response measures.

SAI survey responses will be represented in the “International Observatory on COVID-19,” an initiative under development by SAI Peru that will become an analytical, interactive and visual component of the SCEI Expert Group.

Responses will form the basis for SCEI Expert Group recommendations to the INTOSAI Governing Board in November 2020 and will help the SCEI Expert Group amplify coverage.

The survey and instructions are available here.

For more information about the SCEI Expert Group, visit the newly launched website on INTOSAI’s Community Portal at

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