Fighting Poverty Together: How IDI is Making a Difference

Fighting Poverty Together: How IDI is Making a Difference

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) achieves significant and sustainable impact through the way it works. Following Costa Rica’s implementation of “Bridge to Development,” a national strategy aimed at caring for families in extreme poverty, IDI supported Costa Rica’s Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) with analyzing and evaluating the program’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Poverty remains one of the world’s biggest challenges, impacting people and communities across the globe. Around 1.1 million people live in poverty in Costa Rica. Recognizing the impact of poverty on the lives of citizens, the Government of Costa Rica launched “Bridge to Development (BTD),” a national strategy designed to care for families in extreme poverty. The goal: help upwards of 54,600 families living below the Costa Rican poverty line by 2018.

As a flagship national program of such importance, citizens and Parliament want to know: is BTD delivering on its objectives? Is the program being administered efficiently and effectively?

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