IDI Launches New Website, Facilitates ISSAI Initiatives


Stakeholder Communication.pngUpdates on the IDI’s activities and performance were presented to the INTOSAI Governing Board and the Congress at the XXII Congress in Abu Dhabi. For Theme I “Sustainable Development Goals,” IDI participated in parallel sessions on Approach One—”Auditing National Systems of follow-up”—and Approach Four—” Being models of transparency and accountability in their own operations, including auditing and reporting.” The IDI also participated in committee seminars, including the Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building committees. The IDI’s presence was front and center as part of the joint CBC-IDI-INTOSAI Donor Secretariat and SAI Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) booths. The SAI PMF and the post-2016 SAI PMF Strategy were endorsed at the Congress. Going forward, IDI will function as the operational lead for SAI PMF with the CBC acting as Strategic Governance lead.

The IDI participated at the Asia Pacific Region Financial Management Forum held in Bangkok, Thailand the first week in December, where the IDI presented a status update on the IDI/IFAD Program—Audit of Externally Funded Projects. The IDI also updated participants on ISSAI standards specifically focusing on Level 4 Compliance, Financial and Performance Audited standards.

The IDI participated at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2016 in Paris, France, in December. The IDI gave a presentation on the (1) value and benefits of SAIs, (2) how SAIs can make a difference in the lives of citizens, and (3) need for SAIs to engage with civil society and other external stakeholders.

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