Vugar Gulmammadov Re-appointed Chairman of SAI Azerbaijan

Vugar Gulmammadov Re-appointed Chairman of SAI Azerbaijan

On December 11, 2020, the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan appointed Vugar Gulmammadov to a second seven-year term as Chairman of the Chamber of Accounts, the country’s Supreme Audit Institution (SAI).

Mr. Gulmammadov, who has been with SAI Azerbaijan for almost 14 years, has extensive public sector audit experience. During Mr. Gulmammadov’s first Chairmanship, SAI Azerbaijan took steps to strengthen its mandate and adopt the new Law on the Chamber of Accounts, which brings its audit activities more in line with international standards. Mr. Gulmammadov was awarded the Medal for Distinguished Public Service by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan at the time of SAI Azerbaijan’s 10th anniversary.

In addition, the Parliament appointed a new Deputy Chairman and three Auditors to the Chamber of Accounts. (According to law, the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, and five Auditors are the Members of the Chamber of Accounts.) Each of these individuals has ample professional experience to support the continuous development of SAI Azerbaijan.

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