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2019 KSC Meeting | Pampanga, Philippines

LikeLiked 23 viewsMore than 35 delegates participated in the 2019 Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC) Steering Committee meeting in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines. Attendees discussed KSC initiatives, Working Group updates and efforts of significance to the entire INTOSAI community.

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2019 CBC/IDC Meeting | Tokyo, Japan

LikeLiked 44 viewsMore than 100 delegates representing SAIs, regions and partner organizations met in Tokyo to participate in the 2019 joint INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee/Donor Cooperation Steering Committee meeting where the focus was on the importance of professionalization.

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2019 PSC Meeting | Warsaw, Poland

LikeLiked 33 viewsVideo story of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) Steering Committee meeting held in Warsaw, Poland. Delegates representing SAIs and partner organizations worldwide met to provide updates on initiatives and unpack best practices for moving forward.