Winter 2021

SAO Thailand continues capacity building efforts during pandemic

SAO Thailand Continues Capacity Building Efforts During Pandemic

Thailand was affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic early on and has continuously imposed strict measures to prevent and control the spread of the virus at all levels. The State Audit Office (SAO) of the Kingdom of Thailand, an independent organization monitoring government spending of public funds and resources during the crisis, is also facing unprecedented challenges to which the SAO remains committed to...

Leading by Example to Enhance Transparency Accountability Integrity

Leading by Example Creates Culture Shift: SAO Hungary Employs Mechanisms to Enhance Transparency, Accountability and Integrity

SAIs are called upon to lead by example, as stated in ISSAI 20, which indicates transparency is a powerful force in combating corruption, improving governance and promoting accountability. The SAO of Hungary has employed several mechanisms over the years to enhance transparency and promote...