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Improving the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Departments within Public Sector Entities

Improving the Effectiveness of Internal Audit Departments Within Public Sector Entities

Over the last five years, agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s public sector have undergone fundamental transformations—including restructuring, implementing governance mechanisms, and activating control requirements—aimed at improving their performance. The General Court of Audit (GCA), the country’s Supreme Audit Institution (SAI), has sought to contribute to these efforts by...

Auditor General of Pakistan

Quality Considerations in Complex, Non-routine, and High-Impact Audit Engagements

It is commonly held wisdom that every staff member in a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) is responsible for audit quality, and that SAIs should ensure quality at every stage of the audit process through standard operating procedures. This is certainly true, especially for routine audits. However, in the case of audits that are complex...