Afghanistan SAO Hosts High-Level Visits, Training

Auditor General Meets with Afghanistan’s President. Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Dr. Muhammad Sharif, Auditor General (AG) of the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) of Afghanistan, and his team in the Presidential palace. The AG updated the President on the SAO’s work and activities.

SAO Holds 5-Day Seminar with Senior Government Officials. SAO Afghanistan hosted a seminar for more than 100 senior officers from government ministries, including the Ministry of Finance, to discuss challenges faced in government accounting and the audit process, as well as the way forward for overcoming these challenges. Afghanistan’s Second Vice President, Mr. Sawar Danesh, expressed pride in the SAO’s work in ensuring better accountability and transparency of public funds.

SAO Learns About Citizen Engagement Mechanism in Nepal. Senior staff from SAO of Afghanistan visited Nepal’s Office of the Auditor General (OAG) to study Nepal’s lessons learned during the implementation of its Citizen Engagement Framework. World Bank representatives and various Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working with SAI Nepal also met with SAO Afghanistan delegates to share best practices on citizen engagement.

Afghanistan, Sweden Auditors General Discuss Cooperation. Dr. Mohammad Sharif, SAO Afghanistan’s Auditor General, met with SAI Sweden’s Deputy Auditor General, Mr. Magnus Lindell, in December 2016. The historic meeting focused on how the two SAIs can collaborate on future endeavors.

AG Hosts Public Accounts Committee and World Bank. The Afghanistan Parliament Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and World Bank representatives visited with Afghanistan’s AG and discussed various issues on improving the working relationship between SAO and the PAC. The AG also updated the team about SAO’s current capacity building initiatives.

Auditor General’s Report Presented to Media, General PublicAfghanistan’s Deputy Auditor General, Mr. Mehdi Hussaini, presented the AG Report on the audit of government accounts for the last fiscal year at the Government Media and Information Center in November.

Intensive Training of 180 Auditors CompletedAll auditors of SAO Afghanistan completed a one-month intensive refresher-training course on audit fundamentals in December 2016. The training focused on equipping auditors with skills in the areas of audit planning, risk assessment, internal control reviews, analytical reviews, working paper management and report writing.

Afghanistan Auditors Attend Training in India. Staff from the SAO Afghanistan’s Performance Audit and State Owned Enterprises Audit Departments participated in a 10-day training session facilitated by the SAI of India at the end of last year.

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