International Journal of Auditing – October 2006

Financial Audit Guidelines Subcommittee

New Subcommittee Members

In recent months, two new members joined the Financial Audit Guidelines Subcommittee (FAS)--the SAIs of Brazil and the Republic of Korea. In addition, the SAI of Jordan has become an observer. The other FAS members are Cameroon, Canada, the ECA (European Court of Auditors), Namibia, Norway, Sweden (chair), Tunisia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

New Experts and Task Forces

The Project Secretariat is currently setting up a Compliance Audit Reference Expert Group to support the Compliance Audit Subcommittee’s (CAS) work on developing compliance audit guidelines and to enhance the consistency between the guidelines produced by FAS and CAS.

The Project Secretariat is continuously updating the reference panel files according to the latest information received from the respective SAIs. Approximately 150 experts from some 70 SAIs have now been nominated.

For a complete listing of International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) task forces where INTOSAI expects are involved, as well as practice note task forces, see the FAS Web site.

For additional information, contact the FAS Project Secretariat:

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Subcommittee on Performance Audit

On August 8-9, 2006, the Brazilian Court of Audit (TCU) hosted the first meeting of the INTOSAI Subcommittee on Performance Audit. The TCU chairs the subcommittee, which is part of INTOSAI’s Professional Standards Committee. In addition to Brazil, it has 11 members: the SAIs of Australia, Canada, France, Guyana, Kiribati, Norway, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Tunisia and the European Court of Auditors (ECA). Representatives from the ECA and the SAIs of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Norway, and Saudi Arabia attended this first meeting, which was held in Brasilia. Its main objective was to approve the subcommittee’s terms of reference and its 2006–2008 work plan. In opening the event, Minister Adylson Motta, the President of the Brazilian Court of Audit, welcomed the visitors and emphasized the importance that the court attributes to performance audit and, in particular, to the creation of the Performance Audit Subcommittee.

Participants at the Performance Audit Subcommittee meeting in Brasilia.
Participants at the Performance Audit Subcommittee meeting in Brasilia.

The participants briefed the group on the performance audit work their respective SAIs are carrying out, giving special attention to the challenges and benefits inherent in this work. TCU representatives gave a presentation on a recently completed audit of a family grant federal government program; they also informed the other members about the e-learning course on performance audit offered by the TCU’s training center. English and Spanish versions of the course are being prepared.

The subcommittee members approved the terms of reference and the 2006–2008 work plan. Both of these will be examined by the steering committee of the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee and forwarded to the INTOSAI Governing Board.

For additional information, contact the TCU:

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Working Group on Environmental Auditing

The Office of the Auditor General of Canada hosted the Working Group on Environmental Auditing’s (WGEA) fifth steering committee meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 5–9, 2006. The meeting was very successful and included many fruitful discussions among the SAIs that were present. The steering committee members revised the first drafts of the following four guidance papers and provided constructive comments:

  • movement toward auditing biodiversity, coauthored by the SAI of Brazil and the SAI of Canada;
  • cooperation between SAIs on international audits: tips and examples, coauthored by the SAIs of the Netherlands and Poland;
  • evolution and trends in environmental auditing, authored by the SAI of Canada; and
  • The World Summit on Sustainable Development: experiences of SAIs, authored by the SAI of the United Kingdom.

The two new Web pages, Focus on Auditing Waste Issues and Focus on Auditing Water Issues, have also received the committee’s stamp of approval and can be found on the WGEA Web site.

The sixth WGEA steering committee meeting will be held in Nadi, Fiji, the week of February 5, 2007.

Next WGEA Meeting, June 2007

The steering committee has also begun planning the 11th meeting of the WGEA, to be held in Tanzania June 25–29, 2007. Building on the success of the 10th WGEA meeting in Moscow in 2005, this meeting will feature workshops and small group discussions, speakers from external groups and organizations, and presentations from SAIs on pertinent environmental issues. The 11th WGEA meeting will be pivotal to the new 2008–2010 work plan.

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