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International Journal of Government Auditing – July 2009

IDI Transregional Program on Public Debt Audit

In 2008, IDI launched the Transregional Capacity Building Program on Public Debt Audit. This program is designed to enhance the professional and organizational capacity of participating SAIs in public debt audit. Given the diversity of experience and development in this area, the program will address both the financial/compliance and performance audit approaches to public debt audit. It will be delivered in cooperation with the Debt Management Program (DMFAS) of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the INTOSAI Working Group on Public Debt. The program will run until 2011 and will include online training in public debt audit, adaptation of INTOSAI guidance at the SAI level, and pilot audits of public debt. It will also enable SAIs to adapt public debt audit manuals so that they are aligned with international best practices. Twenty-eight SAIs from AFROSAI-E (English-speaking), AFROSAI-F/CREFIAF (French-speaking), ARABOSAI, ASOSAI, CAROSAI, EUROSAI and PASAI have been selected to take part in the program, which will be delivered in French and English. In April 2009, IDI representatives and a group of experts from SAIs, DMFAS, UNITAR, and the World Bank met in Tunisia to determine the curriculum, content, and design of the 8-week E-learning Course on Public Debt Audit, which will be delivered to all participating SAIs in October and November 2009.

IDI Needs Assessment Guide Review Meeting

In April 2009, IDI program and institutional strengthening managers responsible for the delivery of needs assessment programs throughout INTOSAI’s regions met in Oslo, Norway. The objective of this meeting was to capitalize on the lessons learned during these programs, review the IDI needs assessment framework and toolkit, and write a needs assessment handbook. The handbook will be published and made available to the INTOSAI community in the second half of 2009.

IDI/ASOSAI Blended Train-the-Trainer Program

IDI and ASOSAI launched a blended train-the-trainer program in 2008 to strengthen the regional training network and train a new group of IDI-certified training specialists. After completing the Course Design and Development Workshop and the online practicum phase, the 37 participants reconvened in China in May 2009 for the program’s last activity—a 3-week Instructional Techniques Workshop. During the workshop, the participants were trained in instructional skills and also learned to facilitate other capacity-building activities.

IDI/OLACEFS Needs Assessment Program

In 2008, IDI and OLACEFS launched a capacity-building needs assessment program in the region. Because of the great interest in this program, it was delivered twice during 2008 and 2009. In June 2009, needs assessment teams from the second group of eight SAIs convened in Ecuador for the Needs Assessment Workshop. Following this workshop, the teams will conduct institutional needs assessments in their SAIs before reconvening to receive feedback on their reports at a review meeting at the end of 2009.

IDI/CAROSAI Quality Assurance Program for Financial Audits

A group of instructors and IDI staff met in Antigua in June 2009 to design and develop an 8-day workshop that will be the next step of the IDI/CAROSAI Quality Assurance Program for Financial Audits. The workshop is to be delivered in 2009.

IDI/OLACEFS Blended Train-the-Trainer Program

IDI staff and regional instructors met in Ecuador in June 2009 to plan for the upcoming blended train-the-trainer program, which is scheduled to be delivered in 2010.

IDI/ARABOSAI Workshop on Facilitation Skills

IDI staff and experts from the region gathered in Syria in June 2009 to design and develop courseware for the IDI/ARABOSAI Workshop on Facilitation Skills, which will be delivered later in 2009.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months: AFROSAI-E Governing Board meeting (Zambia), meeting of the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit (Qatar), VI OLACEFS/EUROSAI Conference (Venezuela), and the steering committee meeting of the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (Brazil).

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