IDI Update

International Journal of Auditing – July 2005

IDI Strategic Planning Focus Group

IDI’s current strategic plan expires at the end of 2006, and preparations are under way to consult stakeholders on the development of a new strategic plan. IDI recently conducted separate meetings with its board members and its staff to try to develop a vision statement, a mission statement, and core values. The next important stage will be a 2-day focus group meeting in Norway at the end of June 2005. Twelve auditors general from around the world have accepted personal invitations to attend the focus group, which will aim to highlight the challenges facing SAIs and IDI in the future. The focus group’s inputs will be used to develop a questionnaire that will be sent to SAIs in developing and emerging countries and will, in turn, lead to the development of goals and objectives for the IDI’s strategic plan for 2007 onwards.

IDI and ASOSAI Agreement on Capacity Building in the Audit of Fraud and Corruption

IDI and ASOSAI recently entered into a new cooperative agreement for 2005-2006. An Audit of Fraud and Corruption program, fully sponsored by IDI, will begin with a design and development meeting in July 2005 in China, with six ASOSAI training specialists and subject matter experts participating. The expected outputs of this meeting are comprehensive courseware on the audit of fraud and corruption, including toolkits for auditors, and a follow-up plan to take the training beyond the classroom to the workplace. This will be followed by a 1-week workshop for ASOSAI auditors in Pakistan in December 2005.

OLACEFS E-learning Project Takes Shape

The first IDI-sponsored e-learning project will take place with the delivery of a performance auditing workshop later in 2005. The project is funded by IDI, with regional partners taking responsibility for key roles during the preparation and delivery phases. The seven OLACEFS training specialists who will act as online tutors met with the academic coordinator and subject matter expert (both from the SAI of Venezuela) and IDI project managers in Venezuela for 2 days in June 2005. The seven online tutors come from the SAIs of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama. The meeting was used to strengthen team building and to plan the testing and delivery of the new e-learning course. Further information on this e-learning program will be provided in later IDI Updates.

A Second Pool of OLACEFS Training Specialists

As reported in the last IDI Update, a Course Design and Instructional Techniques Workshop (CDITW) took place in Ecuador in February and March 2005. Thirty participants completed the workshop and are expected to graduate as IDI training specialists later this year. Seven of these training specialists and a subject matter expert from Colombia took part in a redesign meeting in Costa Rica in June and July 2005. Course materials on the audit of public services were initially designed during the CDITW and will be redesigned for the delivery of a 2-week workshop later in 2005.

Liaison with the INTOSAI Public Debt Committee

IDI representatives attended the INTOSAI Public Debt Committee meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria, June 2-3, 2005. The committee was informed about developments in OLACEFS, the ASOSAI Public Debt Workshop, and the forthcoming IDI-EUROSAI public debt program in Russia. The committee was also informed about the results of the IDI global survey in the area of public debt audit.

Contacting IDI

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