IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – July 2004

Major Survey Forthcoming

IDI is planning to survey training and capacity-building needs in the SAIs of developing countries. The survey is targeted for distribution at the beginning of July 2004, with results expected by September 2004. It is intended to help IDI plan training and capacity-building programs as part of Goal 3 of the IDI Strategic Plan 2001-2006. Goal 3 provides a mandate for cooperation with INTOSAI’s standing committees and working groups. The survey will specifically target training needs in

  • information technology (IT) auditing;
  • environmental auditing;
  • public debt auditing; and
  • the audit of privatization, economic regulation, and public/private partnerships.

ASOSAI Delivers Two New Workshops

ASOSAI recently delivered two workshops, bringing to a close its second train-the-trainers program, which began in 2002. Both workshops were funded by the Asian Development Bank, with IDI paying for the attendance of subject matter experts (SME). The first, in Malaysia at the end of April 2004, was a 2-week workshop entitled Financial Auditing in an IT Environment. The SAI of India generously contributed the services of an SME, in association with the INTOSAI IT Auditing Committee.

The second 2-week workshop, entitled Audit of Privatization, took place in the Philippines in May 2004. The SAI of the United Kingdom, Chair of the INTOSAI Working Group on the Audit of Privatization and one of the most experienced SAIs in auditing privatization activity, generously contributed the services of an SME.

EUROSAI Long Term Training Program Phase II: Course Design and Development Workshop

The longest part of the EUROSAI Long Term Training Program (LTTP) Phase II, the Course Design and Development Workshop (CDDW), took place in Bulgaria from April-June 2004. Lasting 6 weeks, the workshop helped to ground participants in the IDI training methodology, which is learner centered, and gave them an opportunity to design individual 2-day courses on subjects that met a regional need. They also began designing 8-day courses on performance auditing that will be delivered in 2005 as the final activities of this training program. For the first time, the CDDW was delivered in two languages, English and Russian. The 33 participants from 19 SAIs came from Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Central Asian republics.

The next stage of the program, the Instructional Techniques Workshop, will take place in Lithuania in September 2004.

IDI as a Liaison within the INTOSAI Community

April through June 2004 were busy months for IDI as it continued its obligations to network as widely as possible within the INTOSAI community. In response to invitations, IDI representatives spoke at the annual meetings of the INTOSAI Working Group on the Audit of Privatization (Bulgaria), the INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (Brazil), and the INTOSAI Public Debt Committee (Russia), all in June. IDI had previously spoken at the annual meeting of the INTOSAI IT Auditing Committee in Russia in April 2004.

IDI is also regularly invited to INTOSAI regional congresses and some regional training committee (RTC) or regional institutional strengthening committee (RISC) meetings. IDI representatives attended the Anglophone Africa Congress (Namibia), the SPASAI Congress (Samoa), and the third EUROSAI-OLACEFS Conference (United Kingdom), all in May 2004, and the ARABOSAI Congress (Jordan) and CAROSAI RISC meeting (Cayman Islands) in June 2004. Looking ahead, IDI representatives will also attend the EUROSAI RTC meeting in Lithuania in July 2004.

ASOSAI/IDI Regional Symposium for Training Specialists

The ASOSAI/IDI Regional Symposium was held in Bangkok, March 29-April 3, 2004. Fifty-two ASOSAI training specialists from 22 SAIs, comprising 21 graduate training specialists from 1998 and 31 from 2002, attended the event, along with several SMEs and ASOSAI and IDI representatives. The 1-week symposium gave participants the opportunity to develop their regional network and attend many professional sessions. The symposium had two parts. In the first, training specialists were able to update their knowledge and skills. In the second, they prepared preliminary course designs for future development. The six topics selected for the preliminary design work were audits of fraud, public debt, and procurement; performance audit criteria; and audit quality assurance and coaching. In consultation with ASOSAI, IDI plans to assist in developing some of these topics into full courses during 2004 and in future years.

Contacting IDI

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this edition of the IDI Update, please contact IDI by telephone at +47 22 24 13 49 or by e-mail at