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International Journal of Government Auditing – July 2011

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IDI/ASOSAI Program on Quality Assurance in Performance Auditing

In April 2011, a review meeting was held for the teams from the 11 SAIs who attended the Workshop on Quality Assurance in Performance Auditing (QAPA) in 2010 and conducted pilot quality assurance (QA) reviews in their respective institutions. At the meeting, they presented their QA review reports, reviewed other teams’ reports, and discussed challenges and lessons learned during the QA review. They also prepared a utility report on the generic IDI/ASOSAI QAPA handbook and made the necessary modifications to it. The teams also customized the handbook to suit the requirements of each SAI. After the handbook is adopted, it will be translated into the official languages of the respective SAIs.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Management Development Program

In 2009, IDI and AFROSAI-E launched a Management Development Program (MDP) to enhance leadership and managerial capacities in the participating SAIs. In 2010, the focus was on the heads and senior managers of SAIs. In 2011, the MDP is focusing on the management development needs of the operational managers. In May and June 2011, two workshops were held for 80 operational managers of SAIs. They were trained in agreed-upon management imperatives; roles and responsibilities of operational managers; and knowledge, skills, and attributes of operational managers.

IDI/PASAI Cooperative Performance Audit on Access to Safe Drinking Water

In 2010, IDI and PASAI launched a second cooperative performance audit in an environmental area—access to safe drinking water. Audit teams from nine SAIs in the region participated in the program. They developed audit plans and then carried out field audits and data analysis. After submitting their draft findings to IDI and a subject matter expert, the teams met again in April 2011 for guidance and feedback on the draft audit reports, which will be presented for approval to their respective SAIs.

Trans-regional Program on Public Debt Management Audit

The Trans-regional Program on Public Debt Management Audit, launched at the end of 2008, is now in its final stage. The program’s objective is to enhance professional staff development and organizational capacity in conducting public debt management audits. The 29 participating teams from AFROSAI-E, ARABOSAI, ASOSAI, CREFIAF, EUROSAI, and PASAI have completed an 8-week e-learning course and developed an audit plan through online collaboration and pilot audits on various public debt topics. The 29 teams successfully completed their pilot audit work by February 2011. In March and April 2011, each team attended one of three audit review meetings—a French-speaking group met in Morocco and two English-speaking groups met in Zambia and the Philippines. At the meetings, the teams received detailed peer and expert feedback on their draft audit reports, discussed the draft public debt audit guideline, and developed an individual SAI action plan to implement the program outputs in their SAIs for their internal capacity-building programs. A team of experts from IDI’s cooperation partners—the INTOSAI Working Group on Public Debt, the Debt Management and Financial Analysis System Programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the Commonwealth Secretariat—participated in the meeting.

In connection with the review meetings, IDI ran two public debt system training courses for 15 participating SAIs from AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF. The objective of this training was to build practical skills and systems knowledge and give participants a deeper understanding of the public debt management system of their countries.

A wrap-up and exit meeting for the program will be organized toward the end of 2011 to finalize all program outputs, identify lessons learned, and discuss the way forward.

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