IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – July 2007

Annual Meeting of the IDI Board

The International IDI Board celebrated its 8th annual meeting in Norway in March 2007. The board discussed and approved the IDI annual report for 2006 and the budget and the operational plan for 2007. The new IDI Strategic Plan 2007–2012 will be implemented starting this year. Over the past few years, IDI has moved from organizing training events and establishing regional and national SAI training infrastructures to emphasizing professional and institutional capacity building in a broader context. The board discussed IDI’s position and future role in light of the INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2005–2010, which identifies IDI as an important partner in achieving INTOSAI’s strategic goal 2, institutional capacity development. A paper on this issue is to be presented at the XIX INCOSAI in November 2007.

IDI/ISCITA E-learning Course on Auditing IT Controls

After a series of new interactive learning strategies were incorporated, the alpha (test) of the INTOSAI version of the IDI/INTOSAI Standing Committee on IT Audit (ISCITA) course on Development the Audit of IT Controls was presented at the committee’s 16th meeting in Oman in Initiative. To find March 2007. In April 2007, both the Web-based and computer-based versions of the out more about IDI 21-module course were made available to 480 participants from 36 SAIs in AFROSAI-and keep up to date E, ASOSAI, and CAROSAI, the three English-speaking target regions. Some partici-between editions pants from ASOSAI and CAROSAI have started using the Web-based training (WBT) of the Journal, look version of the course. Every WBT participant is required to complete the course within at the IDI Web site: 45 days; participants must complete the computer-based training (CBT) version within 60 days of receiving the CDs. Participants are considered to have successfully completed the course when they score at least 75 percent in each of the post-module assessments. IDI is using the learning management system (LMS) on which the Webbased course is hosted to regularly monitor the progress of individual WBT users. The course will be available on the LMS until March 2008.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Review Meeting and Operational Planning Workshop

As part of the IDI/AFROSAI-E Strategic Planning Program, strategic planning teams from the SAIs of Eritrea, the Gambia, Kenya, Mauritius, and Swaziland developed draft strategic plans by March 2007. At a review meeting held in Swaziland in April 2007, the teams received feedback from peers and subject matter experts and worked on modifications to the draft strategic plans. A workshop on operational planning was also conducted to give the teams practical guidance on going to the next level of planning and to discuss related issues, such as marketing the plan, managing change, and reporting on achievements. The next steps for the five participating SAIs will be adopting the strategic plans and developing and implementing operational plans.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Adaptation and Design Meeting for Institutional Needs Assessment

The IDI/AFROSAI-E needs assessment program is designed to create regional and local capacity to carry out needs assessments at the SAI level. Its first activity was an adaptation and design meeting for institutional needs assessments held in South Africa in May 2007. At this meeting, about 10 regional needs assessment champions adapted IDI’s needs assessment framework and tools to suit regional requirements. They also designed and developed a 1-week workshop on conducting needs assessments at SAIs. This workshop will be delivered later this year to needs assessment teams from selected SAIs of AFROSAI-E.

IDI/ARABOSAI IT Auditing Program

Within the framework of the IDI/ARABOSAI IT auditing program, a second 2-week IT Audit Workshop was delivered in Yemen in June 2007 by six IDI-certified IT champions. The workshop, which was designed to fit ARABOSAI’s basic IT auditing needs, allowed 30 more participants to acquire IT auditing skills. Other IT champions participated in the delivery of the course, which helped to enlarge the regional pool of IT champions with international experience.

IDI-AFROSAI-E Quality Assurance Handbook Project Meeting

AFROSAI-E has prioritized quality assurance (QA) as one of the five strategic imperatives
in its strategic plan for 2007–2009. The region expressed a need for practical guidance in the area of QA. As a first step, a project team of six regional experts will develop a QA handbook. The handbook will incorporate existing AFROSAI-E models for conducting quality assurance reviews on financial and performance audits and provide practical guidance to regional SAIs for setting up quality assurance units and carrying out quality assurance reviews at the institutional level. The project group met for a week in Botswana to determine the contents of the handbook.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months: the Regional Institutional Strengthening Committee of SPASAI (Fiji), the INTOSAI Professional Standards Steering Committee Meeting (Bahrain), the International Consortium on overnmental Financial Management Conference (USA), the ARABOSAI General Assembly (Yemen), the INTOSAI Committee on Public Debt (Portugal), and the Working Group on Environmental Auditing Assembly (Tanzania).

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