IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – January 2009

IDI-AFROSAI-F/CREFIAF Train the Trainer Program

IDI and AFROSAI-F/CREFIAF (French-speaking African SAIs) have launched a third round of the IDI Train the Trainer Program to develop a new group of training specialists for the region. The first event was the Participant Orientation and Skills Assessment Workshop held in Senegal in November 2008. At this workshop, program participants were selected. A redesign meeting was held in Niger in December 2008 to review the course material and incorporate a module on capacity building that will enable participants to introduce and facilitate capacity-building initiatives in their SAIs. The 7-week Course Design and Instructional Techniques Workshop is scheduled to take place in Tunisia in February and March 2009.

IDI/ASOSAI Quality Assurance Program

Needs assessments conducted in ASOSAI in 2007 revealed that several SAIs in the region could benefit from strengthening their audit quality assurance systems. After developing the course materials and a draft Quality Assurance Handbook in March 2008, the instructor team delivered the Quality Assurance Workshop to teams from 10 targeted SAIs in the region. During this 2-week workshop, held in Mongolia in August 2008, the teams prepared and presented plans for conducting pilot quality assurance reviews. Immediately after the workshop, the teams carried out pilot quality assurance reviews in their SAIs; later, they circulated these for peer review to other participating teams. The teams met for a review meeting in Indonesia in November 2008 where the pilot review results were shared. The participants also modified the draft Quality Assurance Handbook to suit their respective SAIs´ needs.

IDI/ARABOSAI Capacity-Building Needs Assessment Program

IDI and ARABOSAI have finalized the Capacity-Building Needs Assessment Program that has been delivered to 18 SAIs in the region. The final event, the review meeting for the second group of SAIs, was held in Oman in October 2008. This meeting gave the needs assessment teams a chance to review and receive feedback on the institutional needs assessments carried out in their respective SAIs after the workshop in September 2008. Through this program, IDI and the region have identified possible future cooperation programs and developed the regional SAIs´ ability to assess their capacity-building needs.

IDI/ASOSAI E-Enabled Blended Training Program for Trainers

In 2008, IDI and ASOSAI initiated a blended learning program to create a new pool of training specialists in the region. After completing an online selection process and learning preparatory phase, the 37 participants from the 18 targeted SAIs in ASOSAI met face to face for a 3-week Course Design and Development Workshop (CDDW) in Hanoi, Vietnam, in October and November 2008. In line with recent developments in IDI, the workshop’s goal was to develop the ability of the participants to assess their SAIs’ capacity-building needs, design and develop structured participatory courseware based on adult learning principles, and evaluate capacity-building programs. During a 6-week online practicum phase that followed the CDDW, participants were divided into four groups to develop courses on two topics--professional staff development in SAIs and strategic plan development in SAIs. Throughout this phase, which was completed at the end of December, the participants collaborated through an online project site. In May 2009, the participants will convene for the 3-week Instructional Techniques Workshop.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months: AFROSAI General Assembly (South Africa), Joint Donor-INTOSAI Meeting (London), Steering Committee Meeting of the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee (China), Steering Committee Meeting of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee (Morocco), OLACEFS General Assembly (Colombia), INTOSAI Communications Working Group (Austria), INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting (Austria), ASOSAI Board Meeting and Regional Training Committee Meeting (Pakistan), European Union SAI Contact Committee Meeting (Luxembourg), AFROSAI-E Technical Update Meeting and Project Planning Meeting for Partners (South Africa), and the ARABOSAI Regional Training Committee meeting (Jordan).

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