IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – January 2007

New IDI Strategic Plan 2007-2012

The new IDI strategic plan for the next 6 years will take effect in January 2007. In response to the concerns expressed by stakeholders in a highly consultative planning process, the plan marks a strategic shift—from training to broader capacity development. A complete version of the plan is available on the IDI Web site:

As a first step in implementing its new strategic plan, IDI plans to undertake a global institutional needs assessment in 2007. The IDI team will develop a needs assessment framework and the tools and instruments required to complete the assessment. The assessment will be carried out in at least three INTOSAI regions in 2007.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Quality Assurance Workshop

In August 2006, the courseware for a Workshop on Conducting Quality Assurance Reviews for Financial Audit was developed by a group of new training specialists in AFROSAI-E (African English-speaking SAIs) and a subject matter expert from the SAI of Zimbabwe. The 1-week workshop was delivered in Namibia in October 2006 to 30 auditors from the region. The goal of the workshop was to disseminate the AFROSAIE quality assurance model and identify a regional pool of quality assurance reviewers for financial audit.

IDI/CREFIAF Redesign of Workshop on Performance Audit

In 2006, IDI conducted a Regional Workshop on Performance Auditing as a second phase of its Long Term Regional Training Programme in CREFIAF (African Sub- Saharan Francophone SAIs). Teams of auditors from selected SAIs were invited to attend this workshop. The course will be delivered a second time to give the remaining SAIs a chance to benefit from the program. A new group of training specialists gathered in Djibouti in October 2006 to prepare to deliver this second course, which will take place in Mali in February 2007.

IDI/ASOSAI Cooperation for Capacity Building

During the needs assessment programs conducted in October and November 2005, English- and Russian-speaking SAI participants expressed a need for capacity building in financial audit and detecting fraud and corruption. To address these priorities, a joint design meeting was held in Cambodia in November 2006 for English- and Russian-speaking instructor teams. Courseware for both areas was developed in English for the SAIs of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Laos, Maldives, Myanmar, and Vietnam and in Russian for the SAIs of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. ASOSAI will manage the delivery of the workshops in 2007.

IDI/ARABOSAI Capacity-building Program in IT Auditing

As the final activity of this IDI/ARABOSAI program, a 2-week IT Audit Workshop was delivered to 30 participants from 11 countries in November/December 2006. The original English course material was translated into Arabic and revised to include case studies and exercises derived from four pilot audits conducted earlier in the program.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months: the CAROSAI Congress and Master Classes (Bahamas), the INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting (Mexico), the OLACEFS General Assembly (Ecuador), and the Cooperation and Technical Update Workshop for AFROSAI-E (South Africa).

Contacting IDI

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