IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – January 2006

IDI/OLACEFS Regional Workshop on the Audit of Public Services

The second phase of the Long Term Regional Training Program in OLACEFS was successfully completed with a 2-week Regional Workshop on the Audit of Public Services, which was held in Bogotá, Colombia, in September 2005. Seven new OLACEFS training specialists delivered the course to 30 participants from the region.

IDI/ASOSAI Capacity-building Needs Assessment Project

Two needs survey missions have recently taken place in connection with the capacity-building program for newly established SAIs sponsored by IDI and the Asian Development Bank. The first needs survey was carried out in the Mekong region during October 2005. The purpose of this mission was to interview selected executives of the SAIs of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar on their broader capacity-building needs.

In November 2005, IDI, in cooperation with ASOSAI, arranged a focus group workshop with 12 senior members of four SAIs in Central Asia, namely Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. The aim of this 3-day event, held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was to identify the training needs of these SAIs and to create a strategy for institutional strengthening.

Global Survey on the Draft IDI Strategic Plan for 2007-2012

During November 2005, IDI distributed a survey regarding its new strategic plan to all the SAIs of developing and emerging countries. The respondents were asked to give feedback on the draft plan and also to rate its proposed goals, objectives, and indicators of success.

IDI/OLACEFS E-learning Pilot

The e e-learning pilot project run in OLACEFS, in cooperation with IDI and the Organization of American States, concluded at the beginning of December 2005. Sixty-two participants from the region attended the 10-week Workshop on Performance Auditing. The e success of the course can be attributed in large part to the hard work and strong commitment of the seven online tutors (from the SAIs of Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama) and the academic coordinator and the subject matter expert, both from the SAI of Venezuela.

IDI/ARABOSAI Capacity-building Program in IT Auditing

A 3-week IT Audit and Instructional Techniques Workshop was held in Oman in December 2005. The workshop had 23 participants from seven countries in the region. The subject matter experts came from the SAIs of Oman and Qatar. This event is a part of the Champions Program in IT Auditing, which will conclude in 2006.

Global E-learning Laboratory in Malaysia

In December 2005, a 2-week e-learning laboratory was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 19 participants from 18 countries were mainly IDI training specialists but also included others from developing SAIs of INTOSAI’s English-speaking regions who have an interest in training. The idea was to build on participants’ e-learning capacities and create a community of e-designers for the regions and SAIs. The participants received both theoretical and practical knowledge on the use of Lectora and Macromedia Captivate software. The workshop was delivered by an expert from the NIIT Company of India.

IDI/ASOSAI Workshop on Dealing with Fraud and Corruption

In December 2005, a 1-week Workshop on Dealing with Fraud and Corruption was delivered in Lahore, Pakistan, to participants from 15 selected member SAIs of ASOSAI. The 30 auditors were trained in best practices and techniques for detecting and preventing fraud while auditing.

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