International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2014

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The recruitment process for the following positions in the INTOSAI Development Initiative is underway: Deputy Director General INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat, Deputy Director General Capacity Development, Manager Capacity Development Team (OLACEFS), Manager E-Learning and Web Solutions, and Manager Evaluations. Applications are open April 15 to May 2, 2014. Further details are available on

Changes in the IDI Board and Management

Mr. Per-Kristian Foss has taken over as the Auditor General of Norway and the Chairman of the IDI Board, effective January 1, 2014. He succeeds Mr. Jørgen Kosmo. Mr. Foss brings with him vast professional experience in the field, having previously served, among other positions, as a Member of the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs and as the Minister of Finance, Norway.

Mr. Einar Gørrissen has succeeded Mr. Magnus Borge as the Director General of the IDI as of December 9, 2013. His appointment came pursuant to a competitive international recruitment process. As an interim arrangement, the IDI management group includes Ms. Archana P. Shirsat, Mr. Martin Aldcroft, and Ms. Tonje Fremstad Waldron heading, respectively, the Programmes, INTOSAI-Donor Secretariat, and Administration groups. Competitive recruitments for these positions will be carried out in the first half of 2014.

ISSAI Implementation Initiative (3i) Program Phase I

3i Program in ARABOSAI

On September 27, 2013, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) entered into an agreement with the IDI to finance a substantial part of the ISSAI Implementation Initiative in the Arabic language for the SAIs belonging to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region countries. Of the 19 participating SAIs, including six SAIs of the Gulf region, USAID will support the participation of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen. The activities under this program will span from June 2014 to 2016.

Workshops on Facilitating ISSAI Implementation

Two workshops were held in Bangkok, Thailand, September 30 - October 5, 2013, and October 7 – 12, 2013, for, respectively, performance audit and financial audit streams. Participants from the ISSAI Certification Program for ASOSAI and PASAI were trained in playing the roles of ISSAI advocate, ISSAI project managers, and ISSAI learning facilitators.

Two workshops for EUROSAI and AFROSAI-E members on Facilitating ISSAI Implementation were held in Arusha, Tanzania, November 4 - 9 and November 11- 16, 2013. These workshops were the third and final stage of the ISSAI Certification Program.

Currently, 117 participants of the ISSAI Certification Program for Financial and Performance Audit have successfully completed the workshops and are now certified as PSC- IDI ISSAI Facilitators. An ISSAI Certification Program for on Compliance Audit, for SAIs in CAROSAI, will be completed in 2014.

WGITA-IDI Capacity Development Program on IT Audit

The Capacity Development Program on IT Audit is a cooperative effort between the INTOSAI Working Group on IT Audit (WGITA) and the IDI. It was piloted in the AFROSAI-E region in September 2012.

Workshop on facilitation skills for IT Audit Champions

This workshop, held in Kenya August 26 – September 6, 2013, was designed to create a pool of IT champions for facilitating IT audit training programs and for managing IT audit projects in their respective SAIs and in the region. Eighteen participants from 12 SAIs in the region were certified as IT Audit champions.

IDI Trans Regional Program on Strengthening Public Oversight and Audit of Sovereign Lending and Borrowing Frameworks

The IDI has launched a trans-regional capacity development program on public debt audit with emphasis on strengthening public sector oversight and audit of sovereign lending and borrowing frameworks. The program targets 20-25 SAIs from the INTOSAI English and Spanish regions, representing both the lending and borrowing countries.

A grant agreement between the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) on support to the Transregional Program on Strengthening Public Oversight and Audit of Sovereign Lending and Borrowing Frameworks was signed on October 16, 2013.

Design Meeting for developing an E-course on the key aspects of Sovereign Lending and Borrowing

This meeting was held October 7-25, 2013, in Washington D.C. Eleven participants included regional resource persons from OLACEFS and ASOSAI, and public debt consultants. The E-course is expected to go online in May-June 2014.

IDI-AFROSAI-E Capacity Development Program on audit of Externally Aided Projects in Agricultural/Food Security sectors

In a series of developing new partnerships, the IDI has signed an agreement with The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to launch a capacity development program on the theme of auditing Externally Aided Projects in Agricultural/Food Security sectors.

The objective of the program will be to enhance SAI capacity to provide greater public accountability on public expenditures, by performing financial and performance audits of externally aided projects in agriculture and food security.

Ten SAIs in AFROSAI-E region are expected to participate in a cooperative audit of external aid for development projects in agriculture and food sectors. The program will be launched in May 2014.

Group photo of 7 people around a table with laptops.

Resource Persons for the IDI-ARABOSAI Certification Program for Training Specialists

ARABOSAI Train the Trainer Design Meeting

Existing courseware for this certification program was revised to include e-learning components. The design meeting was held in Tunisia from September 23 to October 11, 2013. Five training specialists from Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, and Sudan participated in the meeting.

IDI-CBC Support Program

The DFID funded program on Support to the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee was launched in 2012. The program is in cooperation with the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee (CBC). The program aims to disseminate CBC Guidance in INTOSAI regions, and facilitate better representation from developing countries at the meetings of the INTOSAI CBC Steering Committee and sub-committees.

IDI- CREFIAF Workshop on Human Resource Management

A workshop on Human Resources Management was held as part of the IDI-CBC support program in Morocco December 10-17, 2013. The workshop is based on CBC guidance on Human Resource Management. Four facilitators from Cameroon, Madagascar, and Senegal were trained. Twenty-eight participants from 14 SAIs participated in conducting needs assessments for human resources management in their respective SAIs and developing a HR strategy.

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