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International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2008

IDI/AFROSAI-E Capacity-building Needs Assessment Review Meeting and Strategic Planning Workshop

In early February 2008, IDI in cooperation with AFROSAI-E (the 21 English-speaking and 2 Portuguese-speaking African SAIs) conducted a capacity-building needs assessment (CBNA) review meeting and strategic planning workshop in Pretoria, South Africa. This was the third event in the IDI-AFROSAI-E Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning Program. Strategic planning teams from the SAIs of Ethiopia, Seychelles, Liberia, Malawi, and Zambia participated in these events. At the 3-day review meeting, the teams presented the CBNA reports, which they had written based on the assessments they had carried out in their respective SAIs. They received feedback from peers and facilitators and modified their reports accordingly. This was followed by a 5-day strategic planning workshop in which the teams were exposed to the IDI-AFROSAI-E strategic planning model. They also used their CBNA report to draft strategies for their SAIs. The teams are expected to develop strategic plans for their SAIs in the next 6 months.

IDI/ARABOSAI Needs Assessment Workshop 1

In May 2007, a joint IDI/ARABOSAI needs assessment program was approved by the ARABOSAI executive council in Yemen, and 17 SAIs confirmed their interest in participating in the program activities. Because of the large number of SAIs interested, the same workshop will be conducted twice. The first workshop was held in Morocco February 13-22, 2008, for 32 participants from eight different SAIs. A team from each participating SAI was trained in conducting a needs assessment using the global needs assessment framework and tools adapted to the ARABOSAI environment. Following the workshop, each needs assessment team is to assess its SAI's capacity-building needs using the tools and framework presented in the workshop and prepare a needs assessment report. The involvement of SAI representatives in assessing needs will facilitate ownership of and commitment to the results.

IDI/ASOSAI Quality Assurance Instructor Planning Meeting

Needs assessments conducted last year revealed that several SAIs in the ASOSAI region could benefit from strengthening their audit quality assurance systems. Based on the results of the needs assessment, 10 SAIs were targeted. A 2-week Quality Assurance Instructor Meeting was held in the Lao People's Democratic Republic March 2-18, 2008. A team of instructors, along with subject matter experts, met to design and develop course materials for a 2-week workshop on quality assurance in audit. The materials included a draft quality assurance handbook that will facilitate subsequent quality assurance reviews in the SAIs. The handbook will be based on ASOSAI's Audit Quality Management System (AQMS), guidelines, and other best practices and will contain practical tools to facilitate implementation of quality assurance procedures.

IDI/CAROSAI Meeting of the Regional Institutional Strengthening Committee and Master Class on Advocacy

In 2007, IDI assisted CAROSAI in developing a regional strategic plan. Following an IDI/CAROSAI focus group meeting in October 2007, the CAROSAI strategic planning committee finalized the plan with the assistance of the National Audit Office of the United Kingdom and IDI. In March 2008, the Regional Institutional Strengthening Committee reviewed the strategic plan and worked out an operational plan for 2008. A 2-day Master Class on Advocacy for auditors general and senior managers was also conducted in accordance with the implementation matrix of the CAROSAI strategic plan.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months: Task Force on a Global Donor Framework for INTOSAI (the United Kingdom), AFROSAI-E Assembly Meeting (Botswana), EUROSAI Training Committee Meeting (Moscow), and the INTOSAI Governing Board's Finance and Administration Committee Meeting (USA).

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