IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2007

IDI/CAROSAI Strategic Planning Program

The five members of the CAROSAI Strategic Planning Committee and representatives from IDI held a 3-day meeting in the Cayman Islands in February 2007 to plan the process and activities for the upcoming IDI/CAROSAI Strategic Planning Program. They drafted vision and mission statements and discussed the resources required for this process, the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, and important regional development issues.
IDI/CREFIAF Workshop on Performance Audit

In 2006, IDI conducted a Regional Workshop on Performance Auditing as part of a Long Term Regional Training Program for CREFIAF (African Sub-Saharan Fran­cophone SAIs). Teams of auditors from selected SAIs were invited to take part in the program. A second Regional Performance Auditing Workshop was delivered in Mali in February 2007 to accommodate the strong interest in this topic and the future needs of other member SAIs. To facilitate the development of the newly graduated IDI train­ing specialists, six of the specialists were selected to deliver the second workshop.
IDI/ARABOSAI Capacity-building Program on IT Auditing

To build on the success of the IDI/ARABOSAI IT Auditing Program in 2006, the 2-week IT Audit Workshop is to be delivered again in July 2007. This second course will also be held in Yemen. To ensure continuity, two IT champions from the first course will be on the delivery team along with four new IT champions. A redesign meeting was held in Yemen in February 2007 to acquaint the new instructor/champion team with the course.

IDI Global Needs Assessment Project

Assessing the capacity-building needs in INTOSAI’s regions is the first step in imple­menting IDI’s new strategic plan for 2007-2012. To carry out this task, IDI is un­dertaking a global project to develop a framework and tools for institutional needs assessments. In March 2007, a team of IDI staff, training specialists, and other regional representatives from ARABOSAI, AFROSAI-E (the African Organization of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions), and ASOSAI gathered in Norway for a design meeting to develop the required products. The framework and tools will be adapted to regional circumstances, and institutional needs will be assessed in some regions during 2007.

IDI/ISCITA E-learning Cooperation Project

The alpha (test) version of the IDI/INTOSAI Standing Committee on IT Audit (ISCITA) e-learning course on the Audit of IT Controls was presented at the 16th ISCITA meeting in Oman in March 2007. This version of the course incorporates a series of new interactive learning strategies. As this issue of the Journal goes to press, the final version of the course was to be delivered in late March/early April for the SAIs in AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI, and CAROSAI. More than 400 auditors signed up for this e-learning course.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives attended and reported at the following events in March 2007: the meeting of subcommittee 1 of the Capacity Building Committee (London), the
AFROSAI-E Governing Board meeting and workshop (Angola), the EUROSAI Train­ing Committee meeting (Germany), the meeting of the INTOSAI Standing Commit­tee on IT Audit (Oman), the INTOSAI Governing Board’s Finance and Administra­tion Committee meeting (Oslo), and the UN/INTOSAI Symposium (Vienna).

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