IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2006


IDI/EUROSAI Public Debt Audit Program

In cooperation with EUROSAI and the INTOSAI Public Debt Committee, IDI will run a Russian-language Workshop on Public Debt Auditing for the 11 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Mongolia this year. In February 2006, the SAI of Azerbaijan hosted a design meeting for the program. Six IDI training specialists gathered with IDI staff and subject matter experts to design a complete set of courseware. The 2-week workshop will be held in Kazakhstan in May 2006, with 30 participants from the above-mentioned countries.

Graduation of New OLACEFS Training Specialists

After the Long Term Regional Training Program was concluded in OLACEFS, the heads of the Latin American SAIs were asked to present diplomas to their new training specialists on behalf of IDI. The diplomas have been presented, and the OLACEFS region has 29 new IDI-certified training specialists.

Global Survey on the Draft IDI Strategic Plan for 2007–2012

During November 2005, IDI distributed a survey questionnaire regarding its new strategic plan to all the SAIs of developing and emerging countries. By mid-February 2006, 80 percent of these countries had responded to the questionnaire, giving IDI valuable feedback on its draft plan. The results of this survey were presented to the IDI Board in March 2006.

IDI/SPASAI Workshop on Dealing with Fraud and Corruption while Auditing

IDI recently funded a 1-week IDI-SPASAI workshop, Dealing with Fraud and Corruption while Auditing. The workshop was delivered in Apia, Samoa, from November to December 2005 and was attended by 24 participants from 11 members of SPASAI. Instructors from the SAIs of Cook Islands and Tonga trained the participants. The instructors were supported by a subject matter expert from the Serious Fraud Office in New Zealand. The material presented at the workshop was originally designed and developed by ASOSAI and adapted to meet the needs of SPASAI.

IDI/ASOSAI Cooperation for Capacity-building

As part of the IDI-ASOSAI Cooperation 2005-2006 for building capacity in newly established SAIs in the ASOSAI region, a joint instructor planning meeting was held March 13–24, 2006, in Hanoi, Vietnam. The objective of the meeting was to develop structured courseware on audit areas identified during two IDI-ASOSAI needs assessment missions conducted in October and November 2005 for the Mekong–South Asian and Central–East Asian subregions, respectively. One set of course materials will be developed in Russian for delivery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, during July–August 2006 to participants from Central and East Asian SAIs. The courseware in English is scheduled for delivery in 2007 to participants from the Mekong–South Asian region.

IDI/CREFIAF Regional Workshop on Performance Auditing

The second phase of the Long Term Regional Training Program for CREFIAF (Sub-Saharan Francophone SAIs) will be completed with the delivery of the Regional Workshop on Performance Auditing, which will be held in Cameroon at the end of April 2006.

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