IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2003

ARABOSAI Enhances Its Pool of Training Specialists

ARABOSAI has had a pool of regional trainers since the first round of the Long Term Regional Training Program (LTRTP) was completed in 1999. This pool is now being supplemented by a second delivery of the LTRTP. A combined workshop incorporating course design and development and instructional techniques is taking place in Rabat, Morocco, between February and April 2003. As an indication of the self-sufficiency that the LTRTP encourages, the instructors of the workshop in Rabat were all participants in the first round of the regional LTRTP.

SPASAI Performance Audit Workshop

A 5-week Performance Audit Workshop took place in November-December 2002 in Samoa for auditors from the region. It was specifically aimed at capacity building, with the goal being that participants would return to their organizations and act as internal supervisors, mentors, and trainers as performance auditing is introduced or enhanced in SPASAI audit offices.

Second Regional Audit Workshop in EUROSAI

Following on from the first Regional Audit Workshop in Estonia last year, IDI Training Specialists again delivered the Financial Audit and Fraud Awareness modules developed during the first phase of the LTRTP in EUROSAI. Thirty auditors from European Union candidate countries attended the workshop in Nicosia, Cyprus, in February 2003.

Tonis Saar (Estonia), Zoltan Giday (Hungary), Goranka Kiralj (Slovenia), Chrysostomos Nicolaou (Cyprus), Louiza Avraamides (Cyprus), Ina Balcevica (Latvia) and Zbyslaw Dobrowolski (Poland)
From left to right, instructors for EUROSAI session included: Tõnis Saar (Estonia), Zoltan Giday (Hungary), Goranka Kiralj (Slovenia), Chrysostomos Nicolaou (Cyprus), Louiza Avraamides (Cyprus), Ina Balcevica (Latvia) and Zbyslaw Dobrowolski (Poland)

Strategic Planning in Anglophone Africa

IDI will participate in the AFROSAI-E Strategic Planning Workshop in South Africa in March 2003. This subregion has a mature and well-functioning training environment based on cooperative partnerships with the SAIs of The Netherlands and Sweden. IDI will continue to work with the regional Secretariat in South Africa and is helping to fund a Regional Symposium in June 2003.

Performance Audit and Public Debt Training in OLACEFS

In February 2003, Panama hosted a 2-week performance audit course for 26 auditors from 8 OLACEFS SAIs in the Central American region as part of the partnership program between OLACEFS, the U.S. General Accounting Office, IDI, and the Inter-American Development Bank. Designed and delivered by OLACEFS Training Specialists, it followed a similar course for auditors from South America last year.

At the end of April 2003, a 5-week public debt train-the-trainers course will take place in Mexico City, Mexico. This will be the first fruit of a long-running cooperative liaison with the INTOSAI Public Debt Committee. Specific SAIs have been invited to send participants to the workshop, which will be used as the springboard to launch national training programs in this important subject. Further progress on public debt training will be noted in future editions of IDI Update.

CAROSAI Long Term Regional Training Program

Twenty-two auditors from 13 CAROSAI member countries will take part in the Instructional Techniques Workshop (ITW) in St. Lucia in May 2003. This follows on from their participation in the Course Design and Development Workshop (CDDW) at the end of last year. This IDI initiative will result in the establishment of the first pool of IDI Training Specialists in the region. The main output from the LTRTP will be an 8-day Financial Audit Workshop, which will be delivered in the region later in the year by selected Training Specialists.

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