IDI Update

International Journal of Government Auditing – October 2007

IDI/ASOSAI Financial Audit Workshop

In July 2007, IDI and ASOSAI sponsored a 3-week workshop on financial auditing—with an additional module on fraud and corruption—for the SAIs of East and Central Asian countries. The workshop was held in Russian in Kyrgyzstan, and at its conclusion, the teams developed a financial audit plan in accordance with international auditing standards. The team instructors were IDI-certified training specialists and subject matter experts.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Development of a Quality Assurance Handbook

IDI and AFROSAI-E, the English-speaking AFROSAI regional group, have developed a quality assurance (QA) handbook for use by QA reviewers at the SAI and regional levels. The handbook provides practical guidance about conducting QA reviews at institutional and individual audit levels. It also provides guidance on setting up a QA function in SAIs. A six-member project team consisting of regional experts met in Botswana in July 2007 and then in Lesotho in September 2007 to develop the handbook. Both the project meetings were facilitated by the IDI program manager. The draft handbook will be presented to the Technical Committee of AFROSAI-E in October 2007 for approval and launched in the region at the Technical Update in November 2007.

IDI/AFROSAI-E Capacity-building Needs Assessment Workshop for Selected SAIs

IDI and AFROSAI-E conducted a 5-day workshop to train teams from six countries (Seychelles, Zambia, Namibia, Liberia, Ethiopia, and Malawi) in conducting capacity-building needs assessments. The workshop was held in Ghana in July 2007 with 28 participants and was delivered by a regional team of six facilitators who had developed the course in South Africa in May 2007. According to the memorandum of understanding signed by the participating countries, each team will conduct a needs assessment in its SAI and prepare a report by November 2007. The process will be monitored by AFROSAI-E. Based on the needs assessment, the SAIs will develop strategic plans during the second phase of the program.

IDI/OLACEFS Planning Meeting for the Training Network Symposium

A team of six training specialists met with IDI representatives in July in Venezuela for a 3-day meeting to plan the content and logistics of a training network symposium and agree on its outputs and outcomes. The symposium will be held in Panama in October 2007, and its main objective will be to strengthen and consolidate knowledge management in OLACEFS. The three topics to be covered during this event are a systematic approach to training, e-learning initiatives in the region, and knowledge management.

IDI/ASOSAI Capacity-building Needs Assessment Meeting

A 2-week capacity-building needs assessment meeting was held in August 2007 in Bhutan and Nepal to (1) strengthen regional capability in assessing capacity and (2) identify potential IDI/ASOSAI cooperation programs for 2008 and succeeding years. The needs assessment teams consisted of IDI-certified training specialists and audit managers from ASOSAI.

IDI/CAROSAI Focus Group and Master Classes for Strategic Planning

In August 2007, the heads and senior management of 14 CAROSAI SAIs attended a 3-day focus group and master classes for strategic planning organized in Barbados by IDI and CAROSAI. In the focus group, the heads of SAIs and senior management members articulated a vision and mission for the CAROSAI strategic plan and determined the goals and objectives for the plan. During the master classes, the SAIs reported on commitments in the area of resource management that they had made previously and shared experiences in strategic planning. In addition, the IDI/AFROSAI-E model for strategic planning was shared with participants. Representatives from donor agencies—the Inter-American Development Bank and the Canadian International Development Agency—also attended both meetings.

IDI/ARABOSAI Needs Assessment Design Meeting

In March 2007, IDI developed a framework and a number of tools to assess capacity-building needs. A design meeting for the ARABOSAI Needs Assessment Program was held in Norway in August 2007 to adapt the tools for the ARABOSAI region and to prepare training materials in Arabic. The selected team consisted of two information technology champions and two training specialists who had graduated from past IDI programs. As a next step, teams from participating ARABOSAI SAIs will be trained to use the tools and will help identify ARABOSAI needs.

IDI and Liaison with the INTOSAI Community

IDI representatives have attended and reported at the following events in recent months:
Steering Committee Meeting of the Capacity Building Committee (Morocco), ASOSAI Governing Board and Regional Training Committee (Kuwait), SPASAI Congress (Papua New Guinea), and the AFROSAI-E annual institutional partners’ project planning meeting (South Africa).

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