Hear from SAI and other accountability leaders about the challenges and opportunities they face. Learn about their strategies for approaching them.

Capitalizing on Opportunities to Strengthen SAI Independence
Winter 2018

Knowledge Development and Sharing: The Key to Success
Autumn 2017

Collaborating for a Global Profession with Local Solutions
Summer 2017

Ready to Conquer Standard Setting Journey
Spring 2017

Cultivating Capacity--Growing our global capabilities for a more robust, prominent and professional audit community of the future
Autumn 2016

Acting Globally for a Sustainable Future
Summer 2016

We, the people!
Spring 2016

Institutional Strengthening Project in Samoa
Winter 2016

Supreme Audit Institutions: Partners in good governance for sustainable development
Autumn 2015

Auditing the funds donated to fight ebola: an integral element in the fight against the virus
Summer 2015

SAIs and the audit of extractive industries
April 2015

The importance of SAI independence for sustainable development
January 2015

Innovation as a bulwark against obsolescence
October 2014

The CBC Continues INTOSAI's Capacity Development Journey
July 2014

INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning Efforts
April 2014

Four questions for our past and present INTOSAI Governing Board Chairmen
January 2014

Revitalizing the Journal: Adding new content and resources for the auditing community
October 2013

Reflections on INTOSAI's Development and Future Challenges
July 2013

XXI INCOSAI: Building Consensus to Overcome Challenges
April 2013

Auditing in the Wake of Iceland's Economic Crisis
January 2013

The Challenge of Auditing Public Debt during the Glabal Financial Crisis
October 2012

Environmental Auditing in INTOSAI: 20 Years Later
July 2012

Reflections from OLACEFS
April 2012

Developments in the CAROSAI Region
January 2012

Peer Review: A Quality Assurance Tool for SAIs
October 2011

Sharing Technology Experiences
July 2011

Building the Professional, Organizational, and Institutional Capacity of SAIs
April 2011

XX INCOSAI at a Glance
January 2011

Three Years of Productive Work for the INTOSAI Community
October 2010

Auditing: An Immune System to Protect Society and the Economy
July 2010

South Africa: Ready for XX INCOSAI
April 2010

The World Needs International Audit Standards
January 2010

SAI Independence: A Founding Principle of INTOSAI
October 2009

Looking Back and Forward: A View from the Pacific
July 2009

INTOSAI Establishes Task Force on the Global Crisis
April 2009

New INTOSAI Communication Strategy Task Force Focuses on SAI Independence During 2009
January 2009

Writing for the Journal
October 2008

Thoughts About the Present and the Future of INTOSAI
July 2008

Reflecting on the Past and Preparing for the Future
David M. Walker
April 2008

Facing the Challenges of Harmonizing Development Cooperation
Jorgen Kosmo
October 2007

Developing International Standards and Guidelines for SAIs
Kristoffer Blegvad
July 2007

XIX INCOSAI: Mexico City, November 2007
Mr. Arturo Gonzalez de Aragon
April 2007

Public Scrutiny Puts SAI Audit Practices to the Test
Sheila Fraser
January 2007

Going from Strength to Strength
Dr. Josef Moser
October 2006

The Establishment of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee
Dr. Ahmed El Midaoui
July 2006

21st Century Challenges
David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States
April 2006

INTOSAI: Past and Future
Bjarne Mork-Eidem, Auditor General of Norway
January 2006

Establishing the INTOSAI Professional Standards Committee

Henrik Otbo, Auditor General of Denmark
October 2005

IT Challenges Facing SAIs
Faiza Kefi, President, Court of Audit of Tunisia
April 2005

Teaming Up for the 21st Century
Dr. Josef Moser, President of the Austrian Court of Audit
October 2004

Dr. Arpad Kovacs, State Audit Office of Hungary
July 2004

Environmental Auditing And Sustainable Development: SAIs Matter
Klaus Toepfer, Executive-Director, United Nations Environmental Programme
April 2004

Meeting the Challenge of Environmental Auditing
Sheila Fraser, Auditor General of Canada
April 2004

Accountability Begins at Home
James Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank Group
January 2004

Oman's New Initiatives

Abdullah Bin Hamad Bin Saif Al Busaidy, President, State Audit Institution of Oman
October 2003

50 Years of SAI Cooperation

Sir John Bourn, Comptroller and Auditor General, United Kingdom
July 2003

Auditing in the South Pacific

Paul Allsworth, Director of Audit, Cook Islands
April 2003

Internal Oversight-A Key to Reform at the United Nations

Kofi A. Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations
January 2003

INTOSAI's 50 Year Anniversary

David Njoroge, Controller and Auditor-General, Republic of Kenya.
January 2003