Cover Story

International Journal of Government Auditing – April 2014

Background is map of the world with no markings. The title superimposed on the background is 'INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning Efforts.'
by Gene L. Dodaro

This is an exciting period for INTOSAI as we embark on the development of a new strategic plan for the period 2017-2022. INTOSAI provides great value both to our member SAIs and to the citizens we serve, and we have the opportunity to build on that success. As the chairman of the INTOSAI Task Force on Strategic Planning, I would like to take this opportunity to share our plans as we work toward the development of INTOSAIís third strategic plan.

The Task Force is strongly committed to a strategic planning process that is open and inclusive; one that fully considers all points of view. A vital part of this process is to make sure that all INTOSAI members have an opportunity to provide input and to review and comment on the strategic plan as it is being developed. Our final strategic plan must reflect the diversity of INTOSAI as one of our greatest strengths and as a valuable resource that can assist individual SAIs. This diversity is found in our global membership, in the different types of member SAIs, and in the wide range of needs, capacities, missions, and legal frameworks represented by our members. The Task Force will consult with individual member SAIs, and with all components of INTOSAI, to identify how the next strategic plan can best serve the needs of our membership and best illuminate our future path.

In October of last year, both during the INTOSAI Governing Board Meeting held in conjunction with INCOSAI XXI in Beijing and at the Congress itself, I had the privilege of presenting the Task Forceís proposed approach for developing the next strategic plan. I want to reiterate that this approach fully reflects and embraces the evolving role of INTOSAI as a key participant in governance issues and as a standard-setting body for external auditing. The focus of this approach is on gathering systematic input from all INTOSAI members and entities, as well as from external stakeholders, to help the Task Force determine whether, and how, to recommend potential changes to strategic goals and objectives.

Toward this end, on February 12, 2014, we held the initial meetings of the Task Force via teleconference to obtain membersí views on the planning process and seek reactions to draft strategic planning materials. Most of the Task Force members were able to participate.

We agreed that one of the initial efforts of the Task Force on Strategic Planning will be a survey of all SAIs. This survey provides an important opportunity to elicit the views of all members on INTOSAIís strengths, and its internal and external challenges, as we plan for the future. In addition to the survey of SAIs, the Task Force will also systematically solicit input from other INTOSAI leaders and external stakeholders to understand INTOSAIís relationship with other international organizations and to identify emerging issues.

Much of this survey work will be completed in 2014 and will be followed by the Task Forceís analysis of the survey results. The Task Force will begin drafting the plan in 2015, providing INTOSAI members and the Governing Board with opportunities to review and comment on a draft plan. By 2016, the Task Force will be ready to circulate a final draft plan for all membersí review and comments, in time to deliver a consensus strategic plan for approval at the 2016 Congress.

As we move forward, the Task Force will continue to work closely with the Finance and Administration Committee and the INTOSAI Secretariat, including the Director of Strategic Planning. The Task Force will also continue to provide updates on the planning process through the International Journal of Government Auditing, updates on the INTOSAI web site, and discussions at meetings of INTOSAIís Regional Working Groups and other entities attended by Task Force members.

As we collectively chart the course for INTOSAIís future, I would like to emphasize that your views and input are critical to a dynamic and inclusive process, one that reinforces a foundation for the inclusive, widely recognized organization where our mutual experience benefits all. I urge all SAIs to complete the surveyówe need your input. Please share your insights and suggestions at any point.

Comments may be sent to our fellow Strategic Planning Task Force Members:

Austria, Belize, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Gabon, Guam, India, Kuwait, the Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.